Allison's Race: Your Legacy Lives On Fundraiser:Thursday, June 13, 2024 at 6pm • Summit Equestrian Center, 10808 La Cabreah Lane, Fort Wayne IN 46845. Click here to buy tickets.


Horse keeping itself is a big job, then add helping people with a wide variety of challenges and you really have your hands full!

The support of our community through your generous donation of time, talent and treasure allows us at Summit Equestrian Center to take first rate care of our herd and provide unique, effective programming at a price people can afford. Without your help we could not reach the people we are most passionate about, so thank you!

Happy horses are safe horses and keeping horses happy and healthy requires a tremendous amount of care. Through the donation of hundreds of hours, our volunteers keep our herd ready to help our clients. It is not always a glamourous, horse brushing experience, but their time and effort make a real difference.

If you are interested in helping us in our mission, we appreciate your passion and look forward to putting you to work.

Your support makes fulfilling our mission possible. Contributions of any size allow us to maximize our resources and are appreciated! Utilize our safe, simple, and secure donation form to make your contribution.

Wish List

  • Air compressor
  • Arena drag
  • Bale of hay $7 (we feed 8 a day)
  • Round bale of hay $85
  • Large square bale of hay $125
  • Bag of Purina Senior feed $25.00
  • Bag of Purina Enrich Plus ration balancer $35
  • Removal of manure $400
  • Pallet dust deterrent for the arena $800
  • Broom $15
  • Thrush Buster $20
  • Fly spray $25
  • ProBios $24
  • Veteran 6 week session $350