Do you do trail rides?

No. We appreciate your vision of galloping through open fields & cruising through local woodlands, but suburbia has grown and eliminated any open riding area. We don’t know of anyone except Pokagon or Brown Co State Parks that provide that anymore. Our veterans program includes trail riding, but it is not a program that is open to anyone.

Can I schedule a “one-time” ride?

Sometimes we can accommodate special requests. Depending on the season and our schedule.

How do I pay?

Once you submit the Session Sign-Up form, we will take a look at your information and see if we can accomodate your needs. Once you recieve approval from us and the details are established, you can either pay with cash or a check at the barn, or you can pay online with a URL you will recieval upon approval. 

We are happy to have out of town family and friends support our riders through gift certificates, just let us know in the comments of your Session Sign-Up form

How many times do I have to come?

“It depends” is our answer to a lot of these type questions. With our Adaptive Riding program we have had riders participate for a short amount of time while they worked on a specific goal and have others that have been riding with Allison since before Summit Equestrian was founded in 2010. We prefer riders commit to our new session calendar as it will make scheduling and payment easier, but we also understand surgeries, appointments and weather happen, we are willing to work with you.

Equestrian Club is unique in that we do not require a certain commitment of time. We have some riders that ride every other week to accommodate other activities. Life happens, we get it.

Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) & Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy (EFP) duration vary greatly depending on the situation. Especially in the counseling environment, we are great at addressing spots when clients get “stuck”. In the span of 3-5 sessions we can sometimes help bring to the surface emotions that have been buried. We have also had more involved clients each week for almost a year. The EAL programs are similar. We also have structured curriculum we apply when partner with local schools and organizations.

How do I know what to sign up for?

Our Adaptive Riding program is specifically for individuals with physical challenges. Our goal is to help you to care for and ride as independently as possible. The Equestrian Club is an inclusive group lesson for kids ages 6-14. We have had a variety of kids participate with great success, learning not only horsemanship and riding skills but also social skills. Our Equine Assisted Learning programs are targeted to help people 6 years old & older navigate emotional or social challenges.

Our Cavalry members start with the 6 week introductory program and builds from there depending on your interest.  We have veterans that have been riding with us for 13 years, we keep finding fun things to do and ways to get involved