Equestrian Connection:A perfect introduction to the world of horses. Designed for children 5+. Starting June 3.


When did Summit Equestrian Center open?

Summit Equestrian Center was incorporated into the state of Indiana in 2010, by founder Allison Wheaton and the program began the same year. It is a 501c3 non-for-profit.

Is there a weight limit?

For the helath and safety of our horses their is a weight limit of 250 lbs.

What do I wear?

Closed toed shoes are a requirement - boots are best. Work gloves are also recommended. We have an indoor arena that we work in quite a bit, but it can still be cold in the winter and warm in the summer. Dress for the weather and bring an extra coat and gloves – just in case. If you are riding, long pants and helmets are required. We have helmets you can borrow. 

Do I need a helmet?

Yes. All riders are required to wear a helmet. We have helmets you can borrow.

Does insurance or the Medicaid Waiver program pay for this?

No, but we work to keep our pricing fair and may be able to offer partial scholarships. The veteran programs are provided free of charge to military veterans.

Where can I take riding lessons?

There are several places that offer riding lessons and riding opportunities in Northeast Indiana. Here are some of our favorites!

Blue Willow Farm / JB Horse Camp

Dare to Dream

Fox Ridge Road Equestrian Center

Greenmarch Farm

Sheridan Stables & Riding School

Can I visit?

Please schedule a meet and greet session by emailing us at info@SummitEquestrianCenter.org or call 260-619-2700 so we can have a team member dedicated to answering your questions during your visit.

Can I schedule a “one-time” ride?

We do not offer one-time rides at this time.

How do I make a donation?

Donate online or mail check to:

Summit Equestrian Center
10808 La Cabreah Lane Fort Wayne, IN, 46845

Do you take donated horses?

Sometimes, based on our need and requirements. Horses must be sound and pass a pre-purchase exam. If you are interested in donating a horse, email us info@SummitEquestrianCenter.org