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Feature Story | Steve’s Journey | From Iraq, to Wheelchair, to Rider

After serving two tour in Iraq, Steve came home in 2005 a different person. He found his passion in working with rescue horses.

In 2006 he sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury that left the left side of his body paralyzed. When he first came to the barn he was in a wheelchair. Soon he graduated to a walker as his balance and strength improved. In riding, Steve was able to regain core strength, stretch and tone his body in ways traditional therapy could not. More than the physical healing though, he found a reason to leave the house each week. He found a community that he felt like he belonged to and accepted him for who he is, regardless of what his body can do.

Today Steve walks without his cane, can mount his horse from a regular mounting block rather than a ramp or our lift. More importantly he comes by on bike rides with his son, comes to volunteer when he’s not golfing and has a place he knows he belongs.

We just acquired Mojo, a Tennessee Walking Horse, with Steve in mind. Mojo has a quick running walk rather than a trot so Steve can go faster without getting bumped around. Check in with us in a couple months, I imagine Steve and Mojo will be cruising around.