The Cavalry

Learn about the importance of connection & communication, basic horse care and riding skills, then have the opportunity build on that experience on a trail ride or compete in local contests. Riding horses can be an empowering, physical undertaking, it takes therapy up a level. At Summit we work with riders with TBI, PTSD, amputations, paralysis, anxiety and other challenges toward a wide range of personal goals. Our weight limit is 250 pounds to ensure the safety of our riders, volunteers & horses.

Over the course of the 6 sessions, the veterans will get to know their horses, how to care for them, and basic riding skills, then we will schedule a trail ride off campus to put those skills and bonds to work.

There are continuing riding opportunities available after the session is complete and veterans are encouraged to return to help other veterans on their journeys.

Group or individual session package (once a week for 6 weeks)
FREE (value of $350)


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