Centered Leadership

The focus of this program is on building a connected relationship with a horse through learning ground-based horsemanship skills. This utilizes our round pen, directing the horse to travel around, change directions, and regulate pace often without using ropes or equipment. By focusing on the connection between horse and person we can rebuild trust and communication, instill hope and confidence, all without saying much at all. The Centered Leadership program reconnects the person to their own self-awareness as the horses respond to the energy and movement in the arena. You cannot be living in the past or the future and get the response from the horse you desire.

The veterans in this program will have the opportunity to gentle and work with one of our BLM mustangs. The mustangs and veterans identify with one another, having both experienced life altering changes and having highly attuned self-preservation skills. The desire to connect with the wild horse often helps rekindle the drive to reconnect with other passions in their lives. Unique programs like ours survive with the backing of private donors as no public funding is currently available. Summit Equestrian is working with veterans to increase funding in hopes of partnering with the local VA and veterans’ groups across the country.

Group or individual session package (once a week for 6 weeks)
FREE (value of $350)


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